Faith In Action

September 2020

Sep 28

Seeing past imperfections

Faith Focus for the Week Do I expect perfection from myself or others? How does my response to imperfection affect my relationship with God? There once was a talented choir. From time to time, the group visited other churches to share their gift of music. One evening, the singers processed into a church where they were to perform a concert. The...
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Sep 21

Honoring the Real Presence

Faith Focus for the Week Do I live in a way that tells other I believe Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist? The Real Presence had been recognized since the days of the apostles, but Perpetual Adoration began in sixth-century Spain. Pope St. John Paul II called Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament “an inexhaustible source of...
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Sep 14

Turn to the cross

Faith Focus for the Week What is the meaning of the Sign of the Cross in my life? As we make the transition into autumn, we gradually turn toward the end of the Church year. The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross falls September 14 and provides a reminder that, throughout our lives, in every circumstance, we are to turn to the cross and...
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Sep 7

Steward what?

Faith Focus for the Week What is Catholic stewardship really all about? People sometimes speak of stewardship in the context of “the three t’s”: time, talent, and treasure. Many of us grew up only hearing the word when someone was asking for money, so a wall of defense appears anytime we hear the word stewardship. Perhaps it...
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