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May 2023

May 29

The "beautiful flower"

"The month of May cannot end; it must continue in our lives, because veneration, love, devotion to Our Lady cannot disappear from our hearts, on the contrary they must grow and be expressed in a testimony of Christian life, modeled on the example of Mary 'the name of the beautiful flower which I always invoke, morning and evening,' as the...
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May 22

The voice of Jesus

During his passion, Jesus was asked by Pilate, “What is truth?” Had Pilate only looked with the eyes of humble faith, he would have seen Truth standing before him! Jesus tells Pilate and each of us: “For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my...
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May 15

Go Forth: Share the Good News of Christ

We have much joy to share through our faith in the risen Lord! Share the Good News of Christ this month: • Talk with a family member or friend about your faith. Invite those who do not have a church home to come with you to Mass or to talk with your pastor or a staff member. • Visit someone who is homebound. Plant a spring flower or...
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May 8

The Faith-filled Mom: One Word at a Time

By Constance Carlson As a mom, I spend much of my time caring for others — making lists, keeping schedules, helping with math homework and all the other things motherhood requires. It is easy to leave myself, and my spiritual needs, out of that long list of what needs attention. However, if I want my family to be filled with faith, I need...
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May 1

Mary Moments During May Days

By Anne Neuberger May is the traditional time to honor Mary. At one time, lovely processions, special songs, prayers, May crownings and dandelion-bedecked altars were a big part of the month. While these are no longer common, why not choose May as a time to help your family understand our loving Mother? There is much to learn! Begin with the...
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