Daily Reading and Prayer

July 2020

Jul 9

July 9, 2020

Mt 10:7-15 Jesus sends the apostles out with explicit instructions about taking with them only the basics. Rely on God who will provide for them. They will be received well by some. If not well received, they are to shake it off and move on. I pray for all, including myself, who today continue to live out your mission. Fill us with your Spirit....
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Jul 8

July 8, 2020

Mt 10:1-7 Jesus calls the Twelve, those closest to him. He commissions them, sending them out as his Father sent him to the “lost sheep of Israel.” He passes on to them his authority over evil and illness. Jesus’ mission is now the mission of his apostles.   As the first were empowered to bring the people into relationship...
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Jul 7

July 7, 2020

Mt 9:32-38 The vicious accusation launched by the Pharisees is a sign of the growing animosity they hold for Jesus. Sadly, they do not nor are they willing to acknowledge his power and his goodness. Jesus sees the needs of the people both physical and spiritual. He suffers with them. Matthew then moves from the image of the shepherd leader to...
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Jul 6

July 6, 2020

Mt 9:18-26 Two stories of healing are woven together. In both, the death of the daughter of the official and the woman who has suffered for years from a debilitating and isolating illness, the faith of the petitioners is key. The official believes Jesus has the power to bring his daughter back to life and the woman whose hope after so long is...
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Jul 5

July 5, 2020

Mt 11:25-30 Jesus praises the Father for his wisdom. God reveals himself to those who are open and receptive like children. The scribes and Pharisees have interpreted God’s law in such a way that is burdensome for the people. Jesus authoritatively interprets the law, inviting all who listen to come to him to be refreshed. He offers an...
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Jul 4

July 4, 2020

Mt 9:14-17 Because Jesus is physically with his disciples, he tells John’s followers and the Pharisees that there is no reason for them to fast as is done when in mourning. The time will come for that expression of loss when he is taken from them. He uses the parables of the cloth and wine skins, not to reject the old ways, but to point to...
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Jul 3

July 3, 2020

Jn 20:24-29 Does Thomas want so much to believe what he has been told? Perhaps he is thinking, “What if it isn’t true?” Then he is face-to-face with his Lord and he knows the truth. He is risen. In that moment Thomas professes his faith that Jesus is Lord and God.   St. Thomas, I ask that you pray for me that I may escape...
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Jul 2

July 2, 2020

Mt 9:1-8 In previous passages Jesus has shown his power over nature and demons. In this passage from Matthew’s Gospel, he exercises that which belongs to God alone, the power to forgive sin. The truth about Jesus is revealed but his adversaries consider it blasphemous. How blest are we who have faithful and faith-filled friends who would...
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Jul 1

July 1, 2020

Mt 8:28-34 Jesus crosses the lake and encounters two people possessed by demons. This confrontation with evil takes Jesus’ power and authority to a whole new level. By his command, the demons are cast out of the men and into the swine. The swineherds share the news with the townspeople whose surprising reaction is more confusion and fear...
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Daily Reading and Prayer

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